MDF English Corner (12/11/2021) - Interview with Dr. Andang Heryahya, MDF Education Coordinator. Millennial Education Programs at MDF


This is a translated version of an interview I did with MDF Education Coordinator Dr. Andang Heryahya. You may inspect the Indonesian version here.

I have translated it in its entirety and I hope you enjoy the interview. Thank you.

Rifki Kusmana: Assalamualaikum. My name is Rifki Kusmana, grandson of Prof. Dede Kusmana and Mrs. Lies Kusmana. I would like to request the opportunity to interview Doctor for MDF website content, shall we start?

Dr. Andang Heryahya: You may ask questions, while I listen to a workshop.

Rifki Kusmana: Okay, so Doctor made an MDF education program that is suitable for millennials, what do you mean?

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Education that integrates science, al-Quran based on digital technology as the core curriculum. Attractively designed according to the tastes and needs of students, students are taught to think openly and have a vision of the future according to their potential and talents. It is hoped that in the future he will be able to carry out his life tasks optimally.

Rifki Kusmana: So the curriculum that integrates Technology, Al-Quran, and Science, interesting.

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Yes, that will be developed.

Rifki Kusmana: How long has this been running, what are the results so far?

Dr. Andang Heryahya: This is part of the Vision/Mission of education in MDF. Strategic and measurable steps are needed so that in 2024 it can be achieved.

Currently we’re still in stage 1, focusing on the integration of the school curriculum and the al-Quran. While new digital technology is on the side of optimizing the internet network in the aspect of using YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

God willing, technology-based learning such as e-learning and other learning resources will soon follow.

Rifki Kusmana: Amen. Why the Year 2024 for the target and what are the stages?

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Steps and processes are needed, both in terms of strengthening human resources and infrastructure. In 2021 the planning stage, 2022-2023 in the development stage, and in 2024 strengthening.

Rifki Kusmana: Let’s go back a bit. I’m interested in the proposal for personalised learning, what kind of thing is it?

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Learning based on creativity and innovation from both teachers and students, for example the production of technology-based learning resources. Teachers are given space to teach students in their own style.

By keeping the Qur’an closer to students, internalizing it in their lives.

Rifki Kusmana: Alhamdulilah, that sounds good.

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Alhamdulillah, this kind of learning is indeed quite expensive because it integrates all the existing resources.

Rifki Kusmana: Is the Vision/Mission of the Tahfizh/MDF Islamic Boarding School still relevant?


To become a Leading, Clean and Modern Tahfizh Educational Institution through an Integrated and Insightful Education System Rahmatan Lil-‘Alamin.


1) Realizing hafidz who have good Islamic attitudes and morals

2) Realizing hafidz who have entrepreneurial competencies and independent skills

3) Organizing and developing an integrated educational process based on pesantren

4) Realizing an integrated education system based on pesantren, clean and conducive to learning

5) Creating a boarding school environment that is able to form an entrepreneurial spirit and instill the values of the Qur’an in society

6) Implement a quality-based education and leadership management system

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Relevant, it just needs to be evaluated every year, especially in terms of digital technology.

Rifki Kusmana: Is it possible to make a breakthrough by using a computer program to quickly memorize and understand the meaning of verses in English, towards the challenges of Globalization?

Dr. Andang Heryahya: That’s a challenge for millennial teachers, at least we can make it like Quran Tazkia it gives the pleasure of interacting with the al-Quran, complete with Translation, Tahsin, Tahfizh, Tafsir and Tatbhiq. Just click everything is presented. Thank God we already have an English version, although it’s not perfect.

Rifki Kusmana: Looks good, I hope it works, Maybe MDF can get an outside programmer to help? Insyaallah I can if I have time.

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Yes, about 60 million IDR God willing, we can make a MDF version of Quran Tazkia.

Rifki Kusmana: Are there any additions from Doc for the readers?

Dr. Andang Heryahya: Education at MDF is designed to give birth to a generation that is close to the Quran, mastery of literacy in all fields and mastery of digital technology with sidiq, amanah, fathinah, and tabligh characters.

God willing, in the future, he will not only be able to become a prayer priest, but be able to show the role of leadership in all sectors, economy, culture, sports, politics, etc.

Rifki Kusmana: Okay, thanks Doctor. Thank you for your time, good luck with the workshop, Assalamualaikum.

Dr. Andang Heryahya: It’s the same, it’s nice to be able to discuss. Walaikumsalam.