MDF English Corner (19/11/2021) - Interview with Fadhli Arjuliqo, Gesto Erdian Eurllangg Adesta, and Raden Fadhlurrahman, Champions of the Islamic education Quiz competition


This is a translated version of an interview I did with Fadhli Arjuliqo, Gesto Erdian Eurllangg Adesta, and Raden Fadhlurrahman, Champions of the Islamic education Quiz competition from MDF. You may inspect the Indonesian version here.

I have translated it in its entirety and I hope you enjoy the interview. Thank you.

Rifki Kusmana: Assalamualaikum, My name is Rifki Kusmana, the grandson of Prof. Dede Kusmana and Mrs. Lies Kusmana, can I start interviewing you three for MDF website content?

Quiz Champions (Fadhli Arjuliqo, Gesto Erdian Eurllangg Adesta, and Raden Fadhlurrahman): Wa’alaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Yes, sure.

Rifki Kusmana: Actually, before we start, your names sound smart and pious, God willing, you three will go to heaven.

Quiz Champions: Amen.

Rifki Kusmana: I should start with this question, why did you choose SMPIT MDF?

Quiz Champions: Because SMPIT MDF is a clean school and has an excellent program, namely Tahfizh Al-Quran.

Rifki Kusmana: How did you prepare for the Quiz competition? Who guided you? Was the training intensive or not?

Quiz Champions: Alhamdulillah, the preparations went smoothly, and the teachers are who guided us, we also studied quite intensively.

Rifki Kusmana: How are you able to answer the Quiz questions? Do you study and compete using a computer or not?

Quiz Champions: Because we study quite seriously without leaving the al-Quran. For learning, we use ordinary books, but the competition used a computer.

Rifki Kusmana: Are there teachers who play a lot of roles?

Quiz Champions: Yes, the Principal of SMPIT and Mrs. Lela.

Rifki Kusmana: Okay, so what about the Quiz questions? Are they Difficult or Easy, Complex or Simple?

Quiz Champions: Alhamdulillah, we were able to answer well, even though it was complex and some of the answers were not quite right.

Rifki Kusmana: Yes, that’s right, that’s how the Quiz is, I myself participated in the Mathematics Quiz competition when I was in junior high, it was really tough. What are the questions’ topics?

Quiz Champions: The topics are Islamic history, fiqh, morality. About religion basically.

Rifki Kusmana: Alright, who did you contest with in the Quiz competition? Are they competitive?

Quiz Champions: SMP 1 Sadananya, SMP 1 Lumbung etc. Yes, they are competitive.

Rifki Kusmana: Of course, they are also pious and intelligent like you three but Allah SWT gave you victory.

Quiz Champions: Yes, Alhamdulilah, we are also very grateful, this is also thanks to the support and prayers from everyone.

Rifki Kusmana: Are the Quiz results satisfying? Or is there a greater desire for the contest?

Quiz Champions: For the district level, we are quite satisfied but we’re not satisfied at the provincial level. And we have a bigger desire, We want to be able to answer questions more precisely and correctly.

Rifki Kusmana: Is that all you want?

Quiz Champions: Maybe that’s all for now.

Rifki Kusmana: Amen, hopefully in the future you champions will also be able to win in all things.

Quiz Champions: Amen, thank you for your support.

Rifki Kusmana: Will you enter the next Quiz Competition, what is your motivation? Is there hope for new things, such as adding experience or seeking knowledge?

Quiz Champions: That’s for sure. We hope to be able to re-enter the Quiz competition at a higher level so that we can add experience, acquaintances, and also insight.

Rifki Kusmana: Any additions from the champions for the readers? What do you want to do?

Quiz Champions: Keep the spirit, don’t give up and never procrastinate so you don’t regret it later. And we all want to be successful people and can be useful to others.

Rifki Kusmana: Lastly, is there any hope for the future?

Quiz Champions: Hopefully in the future there will be someone who can be a better successor at SMP IT MD Fathahillah so that the school can make the name of the school proud.

Rifki Kusmana: Okay, thank you for your time, Assalamualaikum.

Quiz Champions: Okay, you’re welcome. Waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.