MDF English Corner (17/04/2022) – First Winner of MDF Ramadan Writing Competition: Qolbu in the Qur'an and Medical Science

This is the website version of the essay summary “Qolbu in the Qur’an and Medical Sciences” written by Prof. Dede Kusmana. Summary Writing by Nisa Sri Nur Azizah (Takhosus).

I (Rifki Kusmana) rewrote this essay for website with some changes, An Indonesian website version is also available.

Qolbu in the Qur’an and Medical Science: Towards Qolbu Salim

By Prof. Dede Kusmana. Summary by Nisa Sri Nur Azizah (Takhosus).

Written on Sunday, April 2, 2022 AD, 1 Ramadan 1443 H.

Rosululloh SAW said:

“Know that in man there is a lump of mudghah (flesh), if it is good then the whole body is good and if it is bad, then the whole body is bad; Know that it is Qolbu.”

The meaning of Qolbu in this hadith is the heart. This hadith is an indication that the function of the heart is not just pumping blood throughout the body as understood by medical science, but also it affects the whole body in godly terms of good or bad.

Because the heart has this function, it has the ability like the brain. Because the heart has a small brain, it’s different if Qolbu here is interpreted as heart/liver/kabid because in medical science the liver does not have a function to store memory and analyze.

So Qolbu in this hadith is heart.

The mention of Qolbu in the Qur’an contains 325 different words according to their function: 137 Nafs, 130 Qolb, 41 Shudur, and 17 Fuad. While Aql and Fikr (brain and mind) there are only 60 verses. So it’s clear the ratio is 325:60.

Indeed, the Qur’an has no doubts about it. داك لو طي قيد

Functions of the Heart

  • Pumping Blood
  • Place of Faith

Heart is an organ that was first formed during the human formation process in the womb because it has an important function, namely pumping blood throughout the body.

Because the heart has a small brain, it is able to influence the brain so that it is interconnected and tries to choose something that is good and right. The Electromagnetic power of the heart is stronger than the head’s brain. So the heart is a very vital information storage in the roles of right/wrong, happy/sad, affection, love, faith/kufr, and so on.

The electrical system in the heart of the delivery is in the form of lafadz الله

Then it is true that Qolbu is the heart, because harmony between the brain of the heart and the brain of the head in the function of thinking so that the Qolbu chooses good things and have strong determination.

In faith, it will produce Qolbu Salime.

والله أعلم

Photos of the original text written by Nisa Sri Nur Azizah on paper.