MDF English Corner (14/09/2021) - Assalamualaikum!


Welcome to the first MDF English Corner, My name is Rifki Kusmana. This series of articles will chronicle the latest news from MDF in English, This is done to broaden the reach of the MDF Islamic boarding school and to encourage English literacy in MDF’s curriculum.

Before I start, I’ll make an overview of what MDF is.

MD Fathahillah Tahfizh Qur’an Pesantren is an Islamic educational institution that was born from the commitment of the founders of the MD Fathahillah Foundation and family to educate young people who love the Al-Qur’an and hope to understand the Al-Qur’an. We believe that the younger generations who love the Qur’an, memorize and practice it, will be able to make a big contribution in building an independent, prosperous and Islamic society.

With all that said, I’ll summarise and chronicle the events that happened recently. Starting with:

2021 Tahfidz Graduation Ceremony

A student getting her diploma and graduation medalion

Peace Be Upon You, And Allah’s Mercy And Blessings.

On Wednesday, 14 July 2021. 12 Santri/Santriyahs Takhosus from all around Indonesia from as far away as the Riau Islands and Jakarta, to as close-by as Ciamis, Tasikmalaya, and Banjar graduated and got their diplomas and shahadas.

They were also joined by 16 High School (SMK) students, who god willing can continue their education or work. And, 19 Young Santris, who one of them could recite 5,5 Juzes of the Qur’an.

SMPIT MDF gets the PAI LCC Championship

Achievers: Fadli Arju Liqo, Gesto Erdian Eurllang, and Raden Fadlurrahman

Alhamdulillah; Fadli Arju Liqo, Gesto Erdian Eurllang, Raden Fadlurrahman who are SMPIT MD FATHAHILLAH students, won the LCC PAI 2021 at the Ciamis Regency level and continued to the Provincial level representing Ciamis. Congratulations on your achievements, may you be blessed and istiqomah.

And that’s it for today’s English Corner, I hope you have enjoyed this article and I hope to see you again, someday, Thank you for reading.

Editor: Rifki Kusmana